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We are a small, hobbyist cattery by choice. We feel that as a small cattery we can offer the best possible care for our cats/kittens which results in a healthy, well socialized kitten with a beautiful temperament, eager and willing to join his/her new family. Our cattery is clean and we take pride in the good health and wellbeing of all our cats and kittens.

All our cats are registered with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - GCCF. We breed for quality and aim to produce the highest quality ragdoll kittens true to their type and temperament.

Our cats are DNA tested, all HCM and PKD Negative.

The most important thing for breeders is that they are only breeding with HCM negative cats.  If the parents are free of any mutations, then the kittens will be too. Ragdoll cats can die young with carrying just one mutation so it is very important to know the health status of your Ragdoll.  It is up to the pet buyers to be sure that the breeders are breeding with only negative cats and you should ask for proof that testing has been done by proven labs.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of our cats and your future kitten, we have made the decision to be a closed cattery. As such, we do not provide stud services to visiting Queens or have visiting cats. We also ask that if you have visited another cattery, please do not organise to visit our cattery on the same day. Visits are welcomed but by prearranged appointment.


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